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The rules drawn up by the Terminal Management, in collaboration with the RSPP, are in line with the requirements of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea of Venice. The main safety rules are clearly exposed in the warning and safety signs present and positioned near the entrance to the Terminal, in clearly and visible places.

Access to the Terminal offices, the maintenance department and the operational areas of the Terminal, it is necessary to have a special "Authorization permit" issued by the Port Authority of Venice and confirmed by the TIV security Manager (PFSO). Access to the Terminal is guaranteed only for the time necessary and for the purpose of the visit.

The main "General Rules of Conduct" are reported below point by point:

  • It is forbidden to access all operational areas of the Terminal for people and vehicles not expressly authorized by the company. Those who violate this prohibition enter at their own risk, relieving TIV from any and all liability and will be removed from the Terminal.
  • The circulation of pedestrians, vehicles, private vehicles is allowed only with the express authorization of the Terminal. These will have the obligation to observe, in addition to the horizontal and vertical signs, any more precautionary rules in relation of the places (port docks, roads, storage areas, bundles of tracks arranged at level, mooring cables , etc.) and the type of activity present (loading / unloading goods, operations / mobile cranes, work and operating vehicles in motion, transit of forklifts and railway trains, etc.).
  • Overtaking is prohibited in all areas of the Terminal.
  • It is expressly forbidden to cross the container blocks stored in the yard.
  • All people inside the Terminal, walking or driving vehicles / operating machines, must pay the utmost attention to avoid passing or standing under suspended loads. During the handling of loads, people must keep an adequate safety distance from any vehicle, mechanical vehicle, operating machine or railway train in motion or maneuver.

It is mandatory to wear the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in all areas of the Terminal if you have to get off the vehicle, tractor, operating vehicles, etc:

  • Safety shoes
  • High visibility clothing
  • Protective helmet
Only the office and maintenance department areas are excluded from this obligation.

All those who have to carry out particular workings, from maintenance to the mere handling of loads, are obliged to wear specific PPE related to the job;
The internal viability of the Terminal, the vehicle rights are defined as follows:

  • Transport by rail;
  • Lifting equipment on the quay;
  • Operating machines, operating trolleys;
  • Tractors with or without trailers;
  • other vehicles, cars;

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Intermodal Terminal Venezia SpA has obtained the ISO 9001 and 45001 certification, as shown by the following related documents.

On July 1, 2004, the "ISPS CODE", a new specific code for the application of security in ports and ships, came into force.

Control and inspection points have been set up at the gates of ports and terminals for security purposes, with the use of special security guards or personnel with specific security tasks.

Access to the port areas is only possible after the issuance of a specific permit or valid access document, accompanied by a document for verifying the person's identity. Anyone can be subject to control and self-inspection, of the person, of the vehicle and / or of what it carries.

For all temporary visitors it is recommended to apply for an electronic permit through the iLogis port authority website, possibly 48 hours before arrival at the port, or by contacting the terminal security manager (PFSO-Port Facility Security Officer ), by phone or by email.

For agencies, collaboration is required, sending the PFSO a copy of the CREW-LIST and PRE-ARRIVAL, as well as the electronic request of the people who will have to pass through the terminal to access and / or get off the ships, as well as for visit ground freight and yards or warehouses. To send the terminal references to the ships arriving via the Ship / Terminal Interface document.

Please note that it is not allowed to stop or transit in operational areas, but to use the appropriate spaces and roads, to always carry the permit or the personal card displayed and clearly visible, and that a video system is in operation. surveillance for security purposes.

The security Level is always ONE (1), unless otherwise communicated by the Port Authority. The identification number of the IMO database of Terminal TIV is: ITPMA-0023